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This is an additional license to use any of the K-5 Summer Math Guides with more than one class.


Purchasing this license give you permission to use any of the K-5 Summer Math Guides with up to 3 classes. YOU MUST PURCHASE A GRADE LEVEL SUMMER MATH GUIDE PRIOR TO PURCHASING THIS LICENSE. This document does not include the actual math guide. It only includes the license information. 


If you purchase a Summer Math Guide, it gives you license to use it with one classroom. If you want to use it with up to 3 classrooms, please purchase this additional license. You must purchase a separate license for each math guide. For example: if you purchase the 3rd Grade Summer Math Guide and the 4th Grade Summer Math Guide and you want to use each guide with 3 different classes, you must purchase this license twice.


Purchasing this additional license, rather than purchasing the guide 3 separate times, brings the price per guide down to $4.99. 


If you have any questions, please email me at

Summer Math Guide Additional License (3 Classes)

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