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Children's Counting Book Collection


Books that COUNT is a collection of math counting books that help children develop skip-counting skills that create the foundation for multiplication understanding. These engaging books can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Watch your child's curiosity and counting skills grow as they read the Books that COUNT collection.

Best Counting Book for Kids
Abot Carnival Counting
Engaging children's book with diverse illustrations


Carnival Counting is the debut book in the Books that COUNT collection! Open up wonder and curiosity as your child learns to count by two in this engaging, colorful book! This lively book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Readers will learn to count by two as they wander through a carnival of delightful characters. 

"Counting by twos has never been this much fun!  I'm eager to add this title to our school library for all our early elementary students to enjoy."
                             -ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL


The Books that COUNT collection is dedicated to making math more accessible for children of all backgrounds and abilities. When children read these books, they should be able to imagine themselves right there in the story, because that's how they will make connections to math in their own lives, and learn to see themselves as mathematicians. 

Diverse and inclusive book characters
"This is what all counting books should be! Fun, catchy rhymes, and sound math. The story supports understanding and a real-world context that makes sense!"                             -MATHEMATICS COACHING SPECIALIST
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