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This is an additional license to use any of the K-5 Summer Math Guides with more than one class.


Purchasing this license give you permission to use any of the K-5 Summer Math Guides with 10+ classes. YOU MUST PURCHASE A GRADE LEVEL SUMMER MATH GUIDE PRIOR TO PURCHASING THIS LICENSE. This document does not include the actual math guide. It only includes the license information. 


If you purchase a Summer Math Guide, it gives you license to use it with one classroom. If you want to use it with10+, please purchase this additional license. You must purchase a separate license for each math guide. For example: if you purchase the 3rd Grade Summer Math Guide and the 4th Grade Summer Math Guide and you want to use each guide with more than 10 different classes, you must purchase this license twice.


Purchasing this additional license, rather than purchasing the guide 10 separate times, brings the price per guide down to $4.99. 


If you have any questions, please email me at

Summer Math Guide Additional License (10+ Classes)

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