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4th Grade Fraction Project! Fourth Grade Math! Project-based learning! Career math! Equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying a fraction by a whole number! Unit fractions and non-unit fractions! Digital version included and links to Google Slides versions of each level fo the project!


Your students always want to know when they are going to use math in the real world! They also love dreaming about what they will be when they grow up! This project is a great combination of these two ideas! Students get to choose a career path and see how that job uses fractions in the real world!


This project is perfect for fourth grade students working on fraction application skills. It includes single step and multi-step problems. It also shows fractions in a variety of different contexts including number lines, bar models, and more! It is recommended to use this project once students have already learned the basic fraction concepts. It works great as an end-of-unit project for fourth grade or beginning-of-unit review project for fifth grade!

In this project, students choose the job that sounds most interesting to them and then they complete the project on the pages designated for that career choice. The career choices include baker, musician, scientist and detective. Each job includes 8 pages of fun and engaging fraction application practice. A description of the 8 pages is listed below:

  • One page of story problems of possible fraction situations for that job
  • A one to two-page extended story problem task
  • A two to three-page math task about a scenario someone with that job might encounter
  • A two-page math task where the student is put into the role of that job
  • A fun page where students get to take ownership of the career choice and create/design something related to their job choice

This project works great for independent practice, small groups, a distance learning project, an end-of-unit project, an early finisher option and more! At the end you can have a “career fair” where students can showcase their work in that particular career!


This project is differentiated and includes two versions so students at all levels of fraction practice can be engaged in this purposeful practice! The entire project is aligned to standards 4.NF.A.1, 4.NF.A.2, 4.NF.B.3, 4.NF.B.4, and level 2 is aligned to 5.NF.A.1 and 5.NF.A.2. Decimals are not included in this project. Level One has one notebook at the bottom of the page and Level Two has two notebooks at the bottom of the page.

  • Level One: Includes fractions with denominators of halves, fourths, eights, thirds and sixths. Includes unit fractions and non-unit fractions with like denominators. Fraction multiplication includes mostly unit fractions, and fraction and mixed number addition and subtraction includes minimal regrouping.
  • Level Two: Includes fractions with denominators of halves, fourths, eights, thirds, sixths and twelfths. Includes unit and non-unit fractions and both like and unlike denominators for comparisons and addition/subtraction. Includes multiplication of a whole number by a non-unit fraction and also requires regrouping for many of the fraction and mixed number addition and subtraction problems.


There is also a digital version included which is compatible with Google Classroom, so this is a great option for distance learning! You can choose to have students try the project using all four career choices and decide at the end which one they liked the best! All together this project includes 36 pages of engaging fraction application practice for each level ( a total of 72 pages).


This project is Version 2 (Fractions), in a three-part project series. Check out the other two projects with the links below!


Resource opens as a ZIP file and includes a printable (PDF), and a digital (Power Point) version of the resource. It also includes links to Google Slides versions of the project!


I hope your students enjoy this engaging and rigorous differentiated math project!

Fourth Grade Career Math Project | FRACTIONS

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