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This resources is perfect for first grade addition and subtraction practice over the summer! It makes it easy for parents and families to support their children with math over the summer!


Looking for ways to make math meaningful this summer and prevent the summer slide? Need a ready-made handout to send home with children over the summer with ways that parents/guardians can support their children with math?


This is the guide you've been waiting for!


The Math Coach Connection Summer Math Guide was designed to help caregivers support their children with the core content areas of math over the summer, with activities that integrate into your daily routine!


This guide includes information about grade-level math expectations from 1st grade, as well as the upcoming content covered in 2nd grade math. It includes a page for each core focus area for the grade level as well as a bonus fluency page, goal setting page and additional resource page (with links to helpful podcast episodes)! A total of 12 concise, high-impact pages! Each page has ways to integrate math practice into your daily routine over the summer. The 1st Grade Summer Math Guide includes a page for each of the following categories:

  • Fluency Focus (addition/subtraction within 10)
  • Addition within 20
  • Subtraction within 20
  • Addition within 100
  • Subtraction within 100
  • Base Ten/Place Value Basics
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry


Every page includes:

  • Math Skills Activities: Easy, no-prep ways to help your child practice 1st grade math skills at home.
  • Math Talk Moments: conversation starters to get your child talking about (and understanding) math
  • Math Models: visual models of math concepts that 1st graders use for problem solving
  • Math At Mealtime: ways to seamlessly integrate math into cooking, baking or prepping a meal. Since this is already a part of the daily routine, it is a natural place to integrate real-world, hands-on mathematics.
  • Math ‘Did You Know’ Facts: important tips and information about 1st grade math skills
  • Family Read Aloud & Game Ideas: a curated list of high-quality math books and games related to each focus area. These lists were designed specifically for first graders and their families.


This guide was created to make it easier for families to support their children with maintaining math skills over the summer. Practicing math skills over the summer is critical for preventing the summer slide. Integrating math practice into the daily routine, as well as spending some focused time on math practice will help set your child up for success as they start next school year. Time and resources are often a barrier to being able to practice math at home which is why the activities included in this guide are:

  • Integrated into everyday activities, so they don’t take much additional time and can often be done on the road, during mealtime or throughout the daily routine. This also helps children understand that math is part of the real world. These real-world examples make math more meaningful and build conceptual understanding.
  • Low cost: The materials needed for all activities are materials you likely have around your home, or can be purchased at a low price, or borrowed. For example, playing cards, a dice, paper, pencil, various food items. Most of the books included in the ‘read aloud’ section are available at local libraries.
  • Low Prep, High Impact: The conversation starters, activities, books and games listed in this guide are high-interest activities that will engage your child in meaningful math practice, while not taking much advanced time for you to prepare.


Summer school math! First Grade summer school math ideas! 1st Grade Math Guide for Parents and Families! Easy-to-use and high-interest engaging math activities!


This resource is designed for Rising 2nd Graders (children who just finished 1st grade and will be in 2nd grade next year). It reviews 1st grade content to prepare children for success as they start 2nd grade.


*This resource is for a single classroom or one family use license. For additional license please see the School and District License Bundles.

This resource downloads as a PDF.

I hope you enjoy this engaging summer math guide!

First Grade Addition and Subtraction Summer Math Practice

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