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3rd grade math project! Project-based learning! Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, area and perimeter and geometry project! Digital Version Included compatible with Google Slides and Google Classroom! GOOGLE SLIDES links now included!


This project connects getting outside and using the environment to support learning in all subjects! This project combines an outdoor activity (gardening) and many key math concepts for 3rd grade students using the project-based learning approach!


This project is great for students to work on as an independent early finisher activity, during math centers, or during small group instruction. It is also a great real-world math application for home school students or for a distance learning project! In this project, students apply their understanding of multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, area and perimeter formulas and geometry concepts to a real-world project situation where they get to design their dream garden!


Included in this project (Digital version & printable version) are the following:

  • 27 pages of rigorous, real-world math application problems
    • The first 20 pages are the core of the project, where students buy seeds and supplies for their garden, calculate total cost and explore possible designs for their garden. (multiplication, division, area & perimeter, geometry (and some basic fractions)).
    • The remaining 7 pages include 2 different extensions of the project which take student thinking even farther into multiplication array story problems and geometry concepts


  • Parent/Teacher math concept guide
  • Answer Key


This project is aligned to standards 3.OA.A.3, 3.OA.B.6, 3.OA.C.7, 3.OA.D.8, 3.NBT.A.3, 3.NF.A.1, 3.MD.C.7, 3.MD.D.8 and 3.G.A.1



Use the parent/teacher notes to help guide your child/student through this project as they design their garden! A great way to make this an even more real-world problem is to find a space in your yard, patio/porch or classroom where students could make a small garden! You can incorporate science concepts of photosynthesis to show students how math and science are connected to the real world! Students will LOVE watching their garden grow! Even if you cannot have students grow a real garden, this is a great way for students to explore fourth grade math concepts through an engaging garden project!


A paper PDF version is included AND a Digital Version of the project is included. In order to access the digital version, students will need access to Microsoft Power Point. Students can easily enter their answers into the easy-to-use "type your answer here" boxes and save their work as a PDF to submit to their teacher! You can also upload the Power Point to Google Slides to have students submit their work on Google.

3rd Grade Math Enrichment Project | Design A Garden with Multiplication and Area

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